Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We got SOOOOO lucky!!! :)

Angels Vs. A's....... Our Lucky day!!! So this was the game that got postponed because of the horrible crash that happened at the beginning of this year.... We were supposed to pick up tickets from Sheila at Will Call... But we think we may of gotten there too early so there was no tickets for us... so we decided that since we were already there we would stay and watch the game, but we still needed tickets, so we went ahead and stood in like while we all tried to get a hold of Sheila, who was up in the wilderness somewhere... and that's when it happened.... out of nowhere came an "angel" headed directly towards us with 3 available tickets to give away... his wife couldn't come and his friends couldn't get there for an hour, and he didn't want to wait, or let the tickets go to waste... so we said ok..... It never crossed our minds that these would be the BEST tickets we had EVER had..... They were right before the Angel dugout.... AND they were FREE!!!!! WHOOHOO!!! of course I took an outrageous amount of pictures, really did you guys expect anything less??? We were so excited to be so close!!! :) so here are the pictures.... enjoy!!

YEP.... we were this close.... we got to watch the team work out!! WOW!!

So Excited!!! GO ANGELS!!!
walking to the field
we took a little break and had a photo shoot on the way!!!
Me and Tracey
and since we saved on our tickets we decided to splurge on soft serve ice creams in little helmets!!! I was so excited!!!!

the nice guy who gave us the tickets.... And Isaac... must of been when the A's were lossing!

My sad excuse for a pout!!! yeah Angels lost!!! :(
More photos, this time we're wearing our tiny helmets.... can you tell??? hahaha
Here's to our last baseball game of the season!!! 'till next year!!! :)