Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oak Glen

Jessica and the girls decided to go to Oak Glen and visit one of the pumpkin patches out there
Ella was telling me a story when we got there, while Luke was out wandering amongs the apple trees!! :) I want that pumpkin..... over there!! :)Rachelle and the kids, with their findings!
we live in southern california..... so we grow pumpkins in the dirt!!! ;)
The pumpkin patch

hahaha!!!! Photography by Ella.... I have NO idea how to turn the picture around now that it's been downloaded..... oh well, it's for the best!!! It makes it authentic!! ;)


B is for Boring said...

I love the upside down pics... they are amazing!

maria said...

thanks!!! ;) you'll be sad to know that I figured out how to turn them..... I think!! so this might be the last of the upside down one's!! ;)