Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!!!

Happy Birthday Dad.......
How funny I thought I had posted these pictures already.... guess not... I will do it now!!! For my dad's 60th b-day in september.... yes I said september!!! hahaha!!! we did a family weekend in San Diego, that's really all he wanted!! :) we all got hotel rooms in Shelter Island, and as a surprise my cousin and her family flew out for the weekend also... :) we had the best time.... and there are a million pictures to prove it!!! :) enjoy! The first night we went to Red Lobster for dinner.... it was so good, and at the end he got a birthay ice cream..... he was sooooo excited!!! :)

a family shot.... everyone say cheese!

a picture on the bay.... my cousin got her flight mixed up so while "buying" time we went for a walk with my parents and took the opportunity to take pictures!! I love my sister!!! :)
I love this picture of us at the bay!!! dad and his girls!!
...... and this one too!!! my mom and her girls!!!
SURPRISE Chato!!!! I'm here!! :)
me and bea at the official birthday dinner, we ate at the Brigantine, a Seafood Restaurant in Shelter Island.... man the food was heavenly!! and it was the first time I had oysters... yummmm!!!! :)
time for a family shot!! say cheese everyone!!
hahaha!!! this picture cracks me up!! Vides was sooo excited!! the adoptive family!!
the whole clan at dinner!

hahaha!! I think this one is outof order... ooops!! oh wait these must be someone else's pictures! :)
a solo shot!! hahaha!
It was such a nice weekend.....

the beach!!
Gaby and V
playing in the sand with Gaby!

Jose's Oysters!
Gaby getting ready to try her oysters for the first time!!! ready.... set...
Bea's salad was AMAZING!
...... and it was my turn at the oysters!!!
Happy to you Chato!! hahaha!! they were both in Heaven, that Creme Brulee was to die for too!
on sunday we woke up early and went to breakfast..... V, Michael, Minnie and Diego!
Gaby and Bea
The cousins
Michael take my picture with MJ!! hahaha!!
Gaby and Michael
Vides came to find Diego in San Diego.... and she did, so naturally we had to take our picture with him!!! :)
what a pretty flower!
after breakfast we met my parents in downtown San Diego... Vides got a guitar!

she also got to ride the carrousel with my parents.... wow! looks like my parents are having a great time as grandparents!!! Thanks Bea and Rome... ;)
Then we were off to Seaport Village
I LOVE this picture!

after lunch and walking it was time to say goodbye..... It was Vero's turn first!

then Chato's turn!!!
and MJ's.... she gives the BEST hugs!!! hahahaha
we had the best famiy weekend... My parents love San Diego, and I could see why, we were so lucky that the weather cooperated too... :) Happy Birthday Dad!!!


DeBran said...

This looks like soo much fun!!

maria said...

It was so much fun!!! I think we all needed it, and we all enjoyed ourselves!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww what a fun time and yummy food! Happy Birthday to your Pop!