Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!! :)

WOW!!! Casey and I have been celebrating our birthday's together now for 12 years.... where did the time go??? :) every year we have a joint celebration since her b-day is the day after mine.... This year the "dorm" family met at TGI Fridays at the block in Orange, we ate dinner, and then went off to Dave and Busters to spend our hard earned money..... and to watch the end of the Angel/ Yankee game.... Well they watched, I didn't, I didn't want to be responsible for the Angel loss..... ;) I did have a few people giving me updates thoughout the night though..... Thank you Bobby, and Phil for the constant updates..... hahaha!!! let's just say that at the end of the night, Casey was the only happy one of the group!! She's a Yankee fan..... How did that happen anyway???

Awwww..... Paige was so excited for the birthday, she saved me a seat next to her, and then requested to have her picture with me!! Looks like she loves her aunt Mimac!! ;)

The group...... not the best picture, but we all made it!! say Cheese!! :)

ok!! this picture really cracks me up.... look at the lady in the background, hahaha!!! she could of at least smiled for the picture, and yes that is a window separating us from her.... :)

Say Cheese..... :)

At Dave and Busters..... while everyone else was watching the game.... we decided to take a pic!!! :) and the boys decided to dance to dance dance revolution.... hahahaha!!!! Charles and Matt had so much fun, that they went ahead and willingly accepted our request for an encore!! :) There's a video of this somewhere..... as soon as I find it I will post it!! hahaha

My friend Michelle was nice enough to take me out to dinner too!!! hahaha!!! this is the cake thing they brought to me..... it was sooooooo tasty!!! :)

yes..... I know we're upside down, but I don't know how to fix it.... so it's staying!!! ;) Me and Michelle!!

Dinner was GREAT..... she found this place in Newport, by her grandpa's house that had lobster so that's where we went!!! YUMMMM!!! this was of course after we made sure that pregnant women could eat lobster..... she didn't want to anger the baby by feeding it something it shouldn't have!! :) grandpa joined us too..... :) yiippeee for yummy food!!

My mom made me a special b-day dinner too..... the pictures of dinner didn't come out good, but we had chiles rellenos, rice, ejotes, and chocolate, chocolate cake!!! YUMMMM!!! and I guess the only b-day picture we took was a solo shot of me and my cake..... kinda weird!!! but I guess everyone needs a solo!! :)

Gaby and I went to Disneyland to celebrate and we had a GREAT time!!! we got on so many rides it was amazing..... we decided that wednesday's are definitly one of the better day's to go!!!

along the way we found this great backdrop for pics..... might as well!! hahaha

and we made a new friend!! :) I love my sister, she's the best!! what a great time we had....

.......and as tradition has dictated this year, the Jensens, Bryan and I went to Disneyland to celebrebrate too!!! :) I think we went for everyone's birthday this year!! Yiippeeee!!! Thanks Bryan for taking these awesome pictures!! :)

...... we were all so hungry that we decided to go on the "food" ride!! hahaha!!

We had the most amazing clam chowder bowls..... they were just as good as I remember them being!!

Anyone who knows me know that I ALWAYS put butter and salt on my bread.... Bryan wasn't so sure about it.... until he himself gave it a whirl..... and I think he liked it!!! then again who wouldn't!! ;)

Awwww.... here's to good times with GREAT friends :)

I LOVE halloween time at Disneyland, I think it's because it's the official start to the holiday season..... and I LOVe the holidays!!! :)

Birthday week was definitly a great time.... Thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday a special one..... Miss Ella made me a pretty cool card too, on lellow paper... my favorite!! ;) and there was dinner which was amazingly good!! Thank you Jessica and Bobby! :) but how is that there are no pictures of that night??? hmmmmmm..... ;) I am very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing family and friends..... Thanks again everyone!!


B is for Boring said...

aww... I had a great time... and my pictures are amazing!

maria said...

hahahaha!!! yes, your pictures are amazing!!! ;)