Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last week..... (I know, I'm just a little behind!!! hahaha) I met Sheri for our usual once every couple of weeks, dinner and "window shopping" evening! We try to get together at least once a couple of weeks, to catch up, and last week I was craving steak so we went to Dos Lagos and ate at Friday's, dinner was good, then we went and walked around, looked in the shops to see if there was anything that called our name.... We had no luck, that is until we got to Pinkberry, now I'd never been there but she said it was good.... So I decided to give it a chance, now I'll admit I wasn't sure about it at first, but I continued on and towards the end I decided that it wasn't bad, it was actually REALLY good!!! hahaha!! although not sweet like Golden Spoon, Pinkberry tastes A LOT like yogurt, but the taste grew on me, and I the next day I felt like I wanted another one!! :-D I didn't take any pictures of my first one.... but I found some online, so I'll use those!!! ;) I think the swirl pamogranete and original one was the best, but that's just my opinion!!! :)

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jessica said...

still not convinced..and i've never even tried one! hahah!