Sunday, June 7, 2009

A graduation party like none other!!! :-)

On saturday night we attended a graduation party for a long time family friend who had gotten her P.H.D in Clinical Psychology. Xanti and her family suffered a GREAT loss 4 years ago, her mom passed away from bone cancer, I still remember it like it was yesterday..... I think that's got to be one of the hardest losses anyone can endure, especially at the young age of 24..... Ana, her mom left the family letters detailing what she wished for everyone to accomplish in the time that we had left!! One of the main things that she wished for her daughters was for them to finish their studies and become proffessional women..... It's safe to say that her daughters have followed her wishes to a T. To show the end of an educational career and the beginning of a "proffessional" career, they decided to throw a party, they wanted their "family" to help them celebrate, by eating, dancing, drinking and being merry", so that'e exactly what we did..... Guatemalan Style!!! ;) here are just a few pictures of our fun evening..... sorry I know there are a lot, but I couldn't pick just one!!! ;) Our amazing centerpiece!! :)

The table set-up outside..... It was beautifully decorated, and YES! it kind of mirrored a wedding reception!! ;)
Gaby and I, trying the "house" sangria, and posing by the bonfire pit!! there was an uncle or something, that tried diligently to keep the fire going ALL night!!! all he needed was a few bottles of lighter fluid!!! hahaha...... Man now I wish I had taken a picture of that, along with the best looking "porter potties" I've ever seen..... We're talking carpeted floors, art on the walls and a very nice floral arrangement to go with it!!! ;)

Smile!!!! :-) one can never have too many pictures!!! :)

The Morali'!!! :-) hahaha!!! or is it the Moralez'???

This pond was in their backyard..... Now I remember when they were designing the backyard, but I don't remember thinking that it was going to be this AMAZING!!!! :-) It's finally done and it looks AWESOME!!!! :)
The bridge to the "beach" on the other side..... it was a small piece of the backyard that had sand on it, to portray a beach...... AWESOME!!!!
A dad's toast to his daughter on graduation day!!! He was so proud and you could tell!!! :)

The cake!! too bad we didn't get any!!! It looked amazingly good!!

AND this is where the "Guatemalan" type of party begins!!! hahaha!!! first they passed Pippy graduation hats out to random people on the dance floor, my dad was one of the lucky ones!!! :-) and by the look on his face, you could tell he thought so too!!! :)

Jose, Juan Carlos, Diana, Gaby, Michael, and I ready for some dancing!

Me and Gaby with the graduate... figures that the picture would be blurry!!! Oh well, it's what happens when one decides to take pictures while dancing!!!

Then they passed out "girl" hats, and my mom and I posed with ours!!! hahaha!!!

Alan and Crissie, dancing the night away...... YES! there was indiana jones type hats for the guys too!!! hahaha!!!
AND just as I thought I would shoot my shoes off of my feet, because my feet were so tired from all the dancing... the skies "opened" up and someone delivered slippers to all the "pretty" ladies on the dance floor!!!! Now let me tell you, it doesn't get any better than that!!! :) hahaha My dad said that they were passing maracas out too, but I must of missed those!!! Oh and I can't forget the flourescent bracelets and necklaces that they passed out too!!! :)
Right before we left we took advantage of one more photo op, this time with Marco and Erica!!! and there my friends is the recap of a WONDERFUL evening full of close to 300 people who I'm sure I've met at one point or another, about half of them were close familly and friends, but the other half were strangers, and we all got together for one night to celebrate what is perhaps one of the gratest accomplishments that a person can achieve!!! :-)


jessica said...

holy cow! i've never seen a graduation party like it! wow! and that backyard seriously looks like something out of willy wonka! haha..or over the rainbow..haha!

maria said...

hahaha!!! the backyard was DEFINITLY amazing!!!! :-)

B is for Boring said...

What a partay! looked super fun! btw nice new blog layout...

curtis03 Lewis said...

Wow!! What a fun graduation party. I really liked all arrangements. Have been looking for such ideas for my younger sister’s graduation party at one of New York Event Venues. Would love to implement few ideas from here. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.