Sunday, June 7, 2009

Natalie's College Graduation

It's so weird to see that the "little" kids of the family are now DONE graduating from College..... Natalie was the last one of the children to take the leap!!!! :) Last sunday Gaby and I went to her Graduation Party Lunch at O'malley's in Seal Beach. The weather was AWESOME, we seriously couldn't of asked for any better..... It was nice to sit and talk with the family for a while, while enjoying a very tasty lunch! I had a Prime Rib sandwich that was AMAZING..... But sadly for me, someone "accidentally" took my leftovers home..... hmmmmm.... I hope they enjoyed them!!! ;) Here are a few family pictures of the afternoon!!!! Enjoy!!! :-)Me, Natalie, the graduate, and Gaby :-D

Tio Rafa was here from Guatemala, so he joined the festivities as well!!! :)

Natalie blowing out her candles while Timothy looks on..... YES it's true, at our parties there is ALWAYS a song BEFORE we cut any kind of cake!!! On this day we sung the Happy Graduation Song!!! and then the kids helped Natalie blow out the candles of the Graduation cake!!! :-)

The patio of the restaurant was so neatly decorated that I insisted on a picture in front of the well!!! no one else wanted to join me.... so I went ahead and did a "solo" one!!!

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B is for Boring said...

I love solo pics... ;-)