Thursday, March 12, 2009

Easter has..............

................. The ABSOLUTE best candy EVER!!!! :) so I've been going to Target what seems like every other day to see if the Easter Candy is out yet.... and so far I have been VERY dissapointed!!! that is until today.... Their Easter display is FINALLY up and I've never been so excited, well maybe I was at this time last year!!! :) hahaha

As Jessica, the kids and I traveled the candy aisle... YEP, we "traveled" it!! ;) we started to put things in the basket, The Starburst jellybeans were first for me..... These are my absolute favorite, It's a good thing I bought 2 bags, Mike and I already ate the first bag "all gone"..... Seriously they're the best!!

Easter offers many a selection of candy..... From Dove chocolate truffle eggs, my FAVORITE!!! to the cadbury mini eggs, a new favorite!!! and I must not forget chocolate marshmallow eggs!!! hahahaha!!! I could go on for AGES..... :) can you tell how excited I am...... FUNNY thing is that I usually don't eat candy, but for some reason Easter time makes it VERY worthwhile for me!!! I will definitly get a years worth of candy eating in just a few weeks, I must say that I'm grateful that Easter season is a few weeks longer this year!!! YIIPPEEEE!!! I must get back to that second bag of jellybeans now

Nature's miracles are amazing!!!

So I woke up today, thinking WOW!!!! I actually slept in today, a whole half hour!!! hahaha!! everyone around me was getting ready for work and I knew I should be getting ready to go to the gym...... I figured I'd go early today and get it over with, I was excited that I found that one of the classes that I really enjoyed was actually offered early today..... As I got ready i started to think that a run might be more enjoyable today..... I haven't done that in what seems like ages, so that's what I did, it was still kinda early and the sun was just coming out... I think it was the most amazing run I've ever had... I went up the hill and around the elementary school, and then back down.... The way down was even better with the beautiful view of the lake surrounded by the beautiful mountains and the reflection of the sun all right there ready for me to enjoy, I will be honest I stopped for a minute, mainly to catch my breath, hahaha. And took it all in, and the whole rest of the way I was thankful for everything that God has ever blessed me with, and beautiful Sunny Southern California day's are definitly one of those blessings..... and now I'm ready to go enjoy whatever the rest of the day has in store for me!!! :) Have a good day everybody!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

be happy and smile always!!!

hahahaha!!!! here I am trying to "clean" out my computer of pictures and this is what I came across..... totally reminded me that I shouldn't worry about things that I can't answer..... :) This quote defines who I strive to be 95% of the time!!!! I will take the other 5% for any bad days that might spring up here and there!! ;)

Things I wonder about.......

....... So I've spent the last few days, really thinking about some things that I don't understand.... I haven't come up with any answers on my own, so I thought I'd throw it them out here in "blog" world!!! :) enjoy!!!! hahaha
Why is it that a boy and a girl can't be friends without everyone thinking they're "sleeping" together...... I know..... I got right to the point on that one HUH???
Why is it that people feel the need to burst the good news of others?? One of my friends announced she was preganant the other day, and immediatly people started with the negative comments, someone told her that people shouldn't have kids after 30, appearantly it's not safe.... REALLY?? I can think of a few people who have had kids well into their 30's and so far they're happy and healthy????
Hahaha...... This one happened today, I'm still not sure what to make of it..... I heard that "all" hispanic people, ok maybe they said Mexican, ;) are un-educated people who immigrate to the U.S., and live off of the welfare system, oh and I guess we also ALL go to college for free..... there was more to their argument, but this was the "gist" of it.... all I could say was, "REALLY?? last I checked my familly worked hard for what we had, and although we did immigrate to the U.S. my parents were NEVER on welfare, they both spent YEARS working hard to make sure that their children had everything that they needed, and last I checked I worked hard to put myself through college." Their reply???? Oh we didn't mean "YOU," you're one of US, (with what seemed like smirks on their faces)..... My reply..... UMMMM.... NO, last I checked I was one of "them," since I had nothing else to add, I walked away, I did get an apology or two, but that only made me feel worse...... and even as I sit here I want to believe that it wasn't directed at me personally, but I'm having a hard time believing that!!!
Ok so as much as I didn't want this to be a "venting" blog, it looks like that's what it turned out to be...... Oh well I do feel much better now though!!! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a reason to start a blog.......

..... what can I say, peer pressure sometimes gets the best of me.... so here I am!!! :) hahaha.... as one of you stated, I blog on MySpace, and that is for a bunch of people whom I really don't talk to!!! This seems easy enough, but I am going to need help..... anyone want to enlighten me on a cute background??? ;) stay tuned for more blogs!!!! :)