Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nature's miracles are amazing!!!

So I woke up today, thinking WOW!!!! I actually slept in today, a whole half hour!!! hahaha!! everyone around me was getting ready for work and I knew I should be getting ready to go to the gym...... I figured I'd go early today and get it over with, I was excited that I found that one of the classes that I really enjoyed was actually offered early today..... As I got ready i started to think that a run might be more enjoyable today..... I haven't done that in what seems like ages, so that's what I did, it was still kinda early and the sun was just coming out... I think it was the most amazing run I've ever had... I went up the hill and around the elementary school, and then back down.... The way down was even better with the beautiful view of the lake surrounded by the beautiful mountains and the reflection of the sun all right there ready for me to enjoy, I will be honest I stopped for a minute, mainly to catch my breath, hahaha. And took it all in, and the whole rest of the way I was thankful for everything that God has ever blessed me with, and beautiful Sunny Southern California day's are definitly one of those blessings..... and now I'm ready to go enjoy whatever the rest of the day has in store for me!!! :) Have a good day everybody!!!

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CBC said...

Too too happy! Sounds like an awesome run... I should go job my big butt...

Have a great day Memak