Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yummmm.... Cranberry Bliss Bars

The holiday season is amongst us...... and with that comes the annual ornament/cookie exchange party.... last year I tried my hand at pecan bites,, which I thought of making again this year, since they were such a hit with everyone last year, that is..... until I stumbled across the recipe for these cranberry bliss bars, a personal favorite from starbucks!!! and they turned out to be as delicious as i expected them to be..... :-D the top picture is the crust/cake part!, it also had fresh cranberries, which I had to chop into small pieces!
the rest of the ingredients!! :)

halfway done!!! :)

finally done, now it just needed to cool, so I could cut them!!

and the final product!!! Allow me to say that they were very tastylicious!!! :) They were so good that I indulged in too many to count!!! hahaha!!