Thursday, December 3, 2009

A much needed get away....... :)

I think the week of Thanksgiving was by far one of the longest and most stressful weeks I've thru in my life..... hahaha!!! YES, it was that "hectic" because of the way the holiday fell I worked for like seemed like forever with only one day off in between, but since I had gotten the weekend off I booked a trip to visit my cousins in San Francisco, it IS what I was looking forward to, until, my dad ended up in the hospital 2 days before Thanksgiving, now I was tired, and worried too..... I almost cancelled my trip, but after a few days of hanging out at the hospital we got confirmation that all was going in the right direction, and that he was going to be ok.... I was still apprehensive, but he insisted that I go, so I did, against my wishes at first though..... Everything turned out ok and I had a GREAT time!! I am so glad that he insisted I go, but not as glad as I am that he is well on his way to recovery!!! :-D I flew out friday after noon, right after work, it was the easiest trip I've ever taken..... I made it from work to John Wayne, and thru security in less than an hour and a half!!! It was terrific!!! :) My cousin and the family picked me up in San Francisco, and we went directly to dinner, I was starved!!! I know what a surprise.... I'm always hungry!! ;) then on saturday we hung out at home, did some online shopping, some "real" shopping, and then we got ready to go to Union Square to check out the Ginormous tree and all the store windows!!! It was so beautiful there, and EVERYTHING was decked out for the upcoming Christmas Season!! :)
The Macy's window was amazing, at least to me..... I'd never seen anything like it before!! WOW!!

My cousin and I at Union Square!! :)It was sooooo chilly!!! brrrr.....
Then on sunday we woke up and met my other cousin and his wife for breakfast on the bay..... and we did some more shopping!!! I LOVE the beach it's always been a peaceful and stressful free place for me!!! :) after breakfast my cousin Bea, the baby, V and I went to play on the beach.....
It was a beautiful day, even though it was super chilly!!!

Vides wanted to build sand castles, so build she did!!! don't let her fool you.... it was cold!!! :)

she even stopped for me to take her picture!!! hahaha!! I guess I've taught her well!! ;)

hahaha!!! This picture cracks me up!! I was freezing, and the only way I could occupy myself was to take photographs of me!!! hahaha!!! amazing, I know!! ;)
Say Cheese nnnnnjjjjjjjjjjjjj!!! :)
I love my cousin!!! she's the best!!
Then we headed back home to pick up my stuff, so we could go straight to the airport after visiting Pier 39, the tree here was GIANT too!!! Look at all the presents underneath!!! I LOVE Christmas trees, almost as much as I LOVE snowmen!! ;)
Can I please have all of these??? hahaha!!!
I was shocked to see that all of the seaotters were gone this time of the year?? I wonder if they go somewhere for the winter, usually they're all over the place on these wooden plank things!! hmmmmm.....
The tree was even more beautiful when it was lit!!
we found a reindeer !! :)
The Chavez'...... I LOVE this picture!!

YAY!!!! It's a 5 month baby bump!!! I can't wait for baby girl Chavez to arrive!!! :)
And that was the end to a funfilled weekend in the Bay!!! :)

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