Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oreo cookie and cupcake fun! 5/17

For wheelie and baby's shower we made a cupcake cake/cupcake tower, and we also had cakepops. Thanks for the inspiration Pinterest! ;)
Nichole, Wheelie and I, spend an afternoon, making cake pops, and then I went home, and baked the BIG cupcake, and all of the cupcakes for the event!  ;)
Getting our started.... 
we had sprinkles, candy melts, sticks, oreo's and cream cheese....
I think we're set!  ;)
Our final products! you can find the recipe for our oreo cookie pops here
.....and then I went home and baked some more.....
red velvet BIG cupcake, red velvet cupcakes, and chocolate cupcakes
YUMMMM!!!  :)
I LOVE baking it really does relax me....  and it's even better and more fun when done with friends!  ;)

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