Monday, October 26, 2009

..... summer in pictures.... continued.... :)

Vides and her Peque!!! :) hahaha!!! My brother would be so excited to see his picture on my blog!!!! ;) shhhhhhh...... We also had Father's Day come along..... and of course we sang a Happy to you song!!!

Happy Father's Day

And there was the day that Mike and my dad took the mini out for a stroll!

And of course there were many pool days

And Little Alex's College Graduation!!

Amanda, Jessica and I

Jessica, Francine, Scilly, and I

Me, Scilly and Barbe
And then there was hanging out time with Baby Tessa!!
Tessa, Jaime and I

Samuel had a Baptism/2nd birthday party!!
Michelle, Melissa and I
Me, Angie and Charles
The Dorm Crew Girls..... well most of us anyway!
Me and SamuelMe and Rose
a funny one...... smile everyone!!!
Then there was 4th of July!!
The girls!!

waiting for fireworks!!!!
And of course Miss Ella had a birthday too!!! :)

Getting Pedi's with me and Jessica

so excited with her candy!!

Ella and Mria ;)
Then we went to Chik fil a for dinner..... and Lukey got to play... this is my favorite picture... it screams..... HELP me!!!! :)

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B is for Boring said...

wow - you had an action packed summer!