Sunday, February 28, 2010

happy Birthday Heather, The vintage steakhouse

My friend Heather had a birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a little surprise dinner in Ssan Juan Capistrano..... Her boyfriend Matt planned for all of us to get together for dinner at 8..... We had a great time as usual and the place was so cute..... the food was amazing too!!! :)

it was raining outside so we all arrived super early for our reservations.... Charles decided this would be just a good a time as any to take pictures, of Me, Angie, and Casey! ;)

we waited in the bar for the rest of our party to arrive..... we had to pull charles away from his facebook "mobil" so he could join us for a group picture!! Smile everyone!

The birthday girl and i

This was the best b-day present ever, personalized wine bottles, they were so cute.... Jennie had them personalized with pictures of Heather's 3 dogs.... such a cute idea.... heather loved it, oh and I guess the wine is actually pretty good, so that's a plus too!! :)
Heather and Sara..... say cheers girls!
we ate at the Vintage Steakhouse in San Juan Capistrano.... the food was amazing!! of course I would take pictures.... would you expect anything else?? ;) hahaha.... The dinner salad was actually pretty good, very tasty..... I ordered the Prime top sirloin which was delicious!! I always LOVE a good steak!! :) it came with creamed corn and mashed potatoes, both which were really good!

Heather and her Matt! :)

Group shot taken with Charles' NEW camera.....
group shot with the "pink" camara!! fun times with friends...... Happy Birthday Heather!!
Yummy Birthday cake!!! :)
make a wish!!

Maria..... why don't you just use the key?? :/

hmmmmm..... my friday night adventure was so "adventurous" that it deserves a post of it's own.... The only thing I'm sorry for is that we took no pictures.... Oh Well, hindsight's 20/20... right?? ;) so I will do my best to paint the story just as it happened, with judst words!!! :-) enjoy!!!!

so I got to hang out with my friend Rosie's son for the evening..... his grandparents would come on saturday, I got off work at 2 and preceded to drive out to pick my kid up at school.... :) he txt messaged me his location every 5 minutes it seemed like..... i was to pick him up at the shopping center by his school, he walked and treated himself to a subway sandwich.... we then went to his house and "relaxed".... ok I relaxed while he watched tv. for a little while! I had told him that we could go out and do something fun for the afternoon..... I didn't want us to be bored... ;) i said he could choose the movies, bowling or mulligans, finally he decided on mulligans... so off we went, first to my house so I could grab some stuff for the night and for work the next morning..... :)
Mulligans was GREA T fun.... Vincent is an only child, so it's fun to be his playmate.... hahaha.... he's not really used to losing, and he's super competitive too..... and what do you know? I beat the pants out of him on our first mini golf game..... the funny thing is that I'm NOT good minitature golf at all.... and he knew that.... hahaha.... oh well, originakky we were only going to play one game and then move on, but when he lost he decided he wanted to play the second course.... he did tell me when we started the second one that we would be playing for "fun" no score keeping!! ;) hahaha..... that quickly changed around the 3rd hole when he noticed that I was experiencing "bad luck"..... naturally he won the second game, and then it was time to go eat, we were both starving.... :) we ended up eating pizza at Mulligans and then going home!
On the way home he made plans of watching a movie, while we curled up on the couch.... It sounded heavenly to me, it was starting to get chilly and it looked like it might rain, then we remembered about the homemade cheesecake that was waiting for us at the house.... oh man we couldn't wait to get home!!! :D and then we got there...... :/ this is when the "adventure" began.......
we pulled up to the house got my stuff out of the trunk and walked up to the door..... Vincent looked confused and said, "ummmm, did you lock the door?" I replied, "yes...", he looked at me again and said.... "why?" HAHAHA!!! I should of known then.... :) I told him "I have a key hang on!!!" and I walked up to the door, put the key in and turned it..... Oh, oh.... the door didn't open, and the lock was still locked, ummmm.... let me try this again, put the key in, turn the key, push door.... right?? then why wasn't it working?? argh.... ok let's try it again, pull knob towards me, put the key in, turn the key, hear a click, push door open???? nothing.... by this time Vincent had gone to the back to get the dogs..... while I tried the door again and again..... when he came back he asked why I had locked the door again!!! I had nothing for him!!! except that at my house the door is locked and the keys both lock and unlock the doors..... I know I said, let's try a window.... we can't do that he said, we just got new shutters, and more secure windows..... which makes sense in a house whose doors are not locked!!!! HONESTLY!!!! oh yeah I forgot to mention I locked the back door too when we left.... it made sense to me...... :/ after about 45 minutes of fighting with the door I gave in and called my friend and her husband.... they didn't answer so we sent a txt, and left..... I needed a smoothie of some sort..... ugh.... halfway there they called back, they couldn't understand why the door wouldn't just open?? why was I not using the key?? they asked did you wiggle the door?? push it? pull it? put the key and turn it?? yes i replied to all of these... they suggested we go and try it again, so we did.... nothing happened, just like I knew it wouldn't.... this time we gave up much quicker and went to my sisters house.... she said she wanted to give it a try!!! at this point I think people were starting to think I was stupid!!! hahaha..... and I was getting close to losing my patience..... while at myh sisters though I swallowed my pride and admitted defeat as I called the grandparents and told them what happened, by now it was 9 o'clock, and I was so frustrated that I offered to drive him out to their house in Brea..... no that's ok his grandma said, hmmmmm..... let me see.... if I leave now I can be out there in about an hour she said..... at that point I was even more confused.... why would you be coming out here? I asked her?? she said "maria, I have a KEY"....... argh!!!! SO DO I, I told her..... it's not working..... at that point i told her to hold off, my sister would go give the door a try once again, and we would call her back..... so off we went AGAIN!!!! This time i was determined to get in the house..... I was going to do whatever it took, my sister was super confident that she would be able to open it on her first try.... boy was she wrong..... we fought and pleaded with the door for about half an hour maybe it was longer.... vincent kept cheering us on, telling us there was cheesecake on the other side..... i was getting frustrated, and finally I remembered that in movies people break in to homes using their credit cards, so off I went to my car, to grab a victoria secret gift card thing I had and a coupon card..... I tried both, and finally the door opened..... YAY!!!!!! :) now this was by no means my proudest moment, bit i was willing to do anything..... by the time we got that stupid door opened, my sister home and then back to the house it was almost 11..... way too late for both of us to stay up any longer..... so we went right to bed!
Vincent did tell me that he overall he had a really fun night..... the downside of the night for him was the moment that I decided to lock the door, appearantly, I replied, YES, but at least we know you'll be safe in the morning when I leave for work and LOCK the door..... to which he replied, yeah I'm pretty sure I have a 3 hour time frame before anyone can open the door.... hahahaha!!! Oh and before he went to bed he said..... Maria, you're not very good at breaking into people's house's, maybe you should keep your day job..... hahaha!!! Gotta love the humor of an 11 year old..... and that's all for my friday night "Nightmare" adventure!!! :) Oh and they will be putting in a new lock when they get home..... one that likes to be unlocked with a key!! ;)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear John..... my review!! :)

Nicholas Sparks has got to be my most favorite author EVER!! I own all of his books, and I'm sure I've read them all at least 2 or 3 times, and I have watched all the movies as well.... the last book I re-read was Dear John, the book was great... the story line was amazing, and I couldn't wait to watch the movie.... so last weekend my sister and I decided to go watch it.... The movie was also great.... but in it's own way, I was kind of confused at first, because the movie and the book were nothing alike, the story line was sort of the same, the names of the characters were the same too.... but the characters were different.... hahaha!! I think that was the weirdest part for me, because all of the other movies/books have been pretty close... not this one....
Although I felt like they left some important parts of the book out, the movie was amazing.... and I would recommend that everyone watches it!!! :) enjoy!!
I just saw a preview for "the last song" another Nicholas Sparks movie that is going to the big screen! I can't wait to watch that one too!! :)

Thursdays are my favorite!!!! :-D

What a GREAT thursday today was.... I met Jessica and the kids for lunch at the italian deli in old town.... I guess Child's Play is next door... so off we went to enjoy ourselves.... it was lots of fun.... more fun than I expected I think!! ;) Ella had so much fun playing in the balls that I had to take her picture!! :) I wish I would of gotten one of Luke too.... but he was too fast for
me, and all i got was the back of his head!! hahaha!! :)
on our way out Ella found this crayon painted on the wall and told me to take her picture with it.... so I did.... :)

so cute!! :)

after we left child's play and the deli I headed for a much needed massage.... and it was everything that I thought it would be.... :) It was heavenly like usual!! Thanks Shaunna! On my way home I decided to stop by Kohl's, I had a couple of things to return.... on my way back out to my car I spotted this purse.... I was sooooo excited!! I have been looking for a yellow purse for who knows how long! and there it was.... so of course I had to get it!! and I'm so excited to change everything over, it's not even funny!!

YAY! for fun filled thursdays!!! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

A beautiful february sunset!!!

I so thourougly enjoy the beach..... Sunsets at the beach are my favorite.... and it is the best place for me to just "think" the last few weeks/months have been sort of intense for me.... and today I decided I needed to just take a "time out" and go watch the sunset, and "reflect".... as usual it was beautiful, and very relaxing, although a little windy and kinda chilly... but I did get the chance to shop too well kinda.... ;) which was awesome, and then I stopped at Starbucks for a treat and headed home.... I enjoy taking sunset pictures..... not sure why, but I do so here are some for you to enjoy!! :)

Happy Birthday Phil!

For Phil's b-day Christina planned a night at Medieval Times..... I had never been, I don't think it was what I expected.... bit then again I'm not sure what I expected..... hahaha!!! ;) we had a great time though....... it was a lot of fun, and the food was actually pretty good.... oh and the show was good too!!! ;) here are some pictures from the night! :) Christina, Phil and I, we were ready to celebrate!! :)

My very delicious "fruity drink".... half pina colada, half strawberry daiquiri....
guess I liked it alright.... :)

Phil got a sword too.... and with that in one hand and a guinness in the other he was a happy "boy"!!! ;)
an attempt at a picture with the knight...
we opted for solos instead!!

getting ready to go inside the arena!
the menu wasn't bad

the first course, a tomato bisque, which I thouroughly enjoyed!!

let the "games" begin!

then it was time for dessert.... the most amazingly warm fresh out of the oven apple turnover I've EVER eaten! ;) it was soooooo good that I ate 2!! :)
and that was all for the show.... and dinner.... :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Easter candy season is here!!!! ;)

Easter has the best candy.... I think that's what makes it my most favorite "season" of the year!! :)

I can hardly contain myself.... :) this means 40 days of candy eating for me! :-D Let the season begin!!! :P

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome Baby Lucciana!!

Baby Lucciana arrived on Ash wednesday, February 17th at 9:30am.... she came two weeks early and by emergency c-section.... :) She was a small babay, at 4lbs, 14 ounces and 18 inches long, and she had to spend a few more days in the hospital than we would of wanted, but thankfully she is doing fine now, as i write this blog 2 and a half weeks later.... ;) I was lucky enough to have "accidentally" had a wed/thurs off together, so off I went to see mommy, daddy, Vides, and baby for 2 days! :) I had a great time and i was reallly glad that I got to visit with them, it made me feel better that I could "check" on the baby and make sure that everything was good.... :) Vides and I got to spend some quality time together which I always love.... I thouroughly enjoyed my time up north that is until my flight home got delayed for 4 hours.... By that point I thought I may NEVER make it home.... :( Here are some pictures of the two days.... :)
mami and papi with Lu, as is her new nickname.... In my family EVERYONE has a nickname, its funny I have some family members whose "real" names I don't even know!! hahaha
Baby Lu, she looked so good, and for that we were grateful, she gave us quite a scare!!
Lu and Tia MJ..... The baby was in a special nursery, but the nurses let me "sneak" in so I could see her... and of course i had to take our first picture together before I left!! :)
the rest are phone pictures I took so I could send to the family back in so cal..

look at all that hair!!!

She was so alert.... in this picture she looks just like V, her older sister did when she was a baby!! :)

when we were done visiting Lu, we went back to the room and my cousin opened her care packages from her so cal family!!! she was so excited!! :)
My mom knitted the baby a blanket.....
..... and made matching scarves for bea and Vides.... so cute!!! :)
and I made the "famous" quilt!! :)