Sunday, January 10, 2010

baby, shower invitations, misc... family pictures!!!

My sister and I planned a baby shower for my cousin in early january.... we ended up making the invitations... they turned out so cute... the shower ended up not happening.... but I thought I'd post the pictures of us making them anyway.... we had a fun time and they turned out super cute!! :) we used lots and lots of ribbon!!
working so hard to make sure that the ribbon and the paper were even..... :) can you see the concentration on my face??? ;)
all done!!! :)
Sisco, Gaby and Mike's puppy hung out while we worked on our special project!! :) awwww... how cute is he???
A few days later Baby Mateo stopped by to visit..... and he fell asleep on my arms.... I LOVE it when that happens!! :)
Marquitos found himself some fun toys to play with!!
say cheese!!! :)

Happy Birthday Gaby

So Gaby turned 28 this year.... and to uphold tradition we went to Disneyland!! :) We ended up leaving a little later than we wanted, but the day was perfect..... :) We rode a few rides, ate a churro or two, had some pasta and did some shopping!!! :) The castle still looked amazing!!
churros... YUMMMM!!!! hahaha
I have no idea why the picture above was so dark?? maybe the setting was wrong??
going on Buzz!

Everyone needs a picture with the "official" birthday hat!
we spotted this snowman hat in one of the "markdown" bins!!! I LOVED him.... :)
Lunch at the Pizza port!!! Yummm.... (one of these day's I'll remember to switch the pictures around BEFORE I post them!!!) ;)

Happy Birthday Gaby!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Eve at the Rose Parade

So at the annual Christmas Party everyone was trying to figure out what to do for New years.... Catalina, Downtown Fullerton, Downtown Long Beach, the Queen Mary.... Those were some of the ideas that people came up with.... I frankly wasn't up for any of them, there was so much going on around me this year that frnakly going out to drink somewhere with MILLIONS of people didn't appeal to me, BUT I did really want to go to the Rose Parade.... Everyone said it would be too cold, too crowded, etc. everyone but Karyn, appearantly she'd always wanted to go too.... so a few days later things had sort of calmed down here and I decided that if she wanted to go, I wanted to go too... and we planned it!!! I almost didn't go though, because a few days before New Years my dad ended up at the hospital again..... But after a lot of discussion with people, my sister, my parents, friends, I decided it would be a good experience..... And what a GREAT experience it was.... We had a GREAT time!!! Thanks again Karyn for getting us the "hookup"..... :) I hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Here are pictures of mine!! Me and Karyn
One of the floats...... The black planes were amazing!
The City of Torrance sponsored this one..... The birds on it were awesome looking!! :)
The float that resembled the rose bowl was AMAZING!!

Look at all the detail......
This butterfly was amazing.... it took the ladies who worked on it 8 hours per wing.... and there are 4 wings here!! I was impressed!
Cal Poly's float was impresive too!!! They used pineapple skins for decoration.... how awesome does it look??
The City of Anaheim had a float too..... it was Amazing as well.... naturally I needed my picture with it..... :)
Then Karyn joined me!!!
and I took another!!! :) It was waaaay chilly out.... can you tell by the gloves???
All of the float builders, on the day of the parade.... They let me put a couple of flowers on the float, to make me official!!! ;)
A cable car!!!

jack came to join the festivities too!!! :)

The University of Ohio cheerleaders on their float!
There was a band who traveled from Guatemala to participate in the parade.... This is all I got from them.... If only I was taller!! ;)
Our float coming down Colorado Blvd..... :)
Here comes the Cornucopia

There was also a flyover in honor of the president of the Rose Parade who had died earlier this year.... he was a retired from the Navy..... The did the missing man formation... if you look closely you can see the "missing" man leaving at the top of the picture!! :)
I hope you enjoyed the pictures..... until next year!!! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

The annual dorm Christmas Party

So every year we have an annual get-together for Christmas with my "dorm" friends.... It almost got cancelled this year because of everything that's been going on around here! my dad insited that we still do it though... so we did.... :) the turnout was nice, especially on such short notice!!! ;) and it was nice to be able to just "hang" out and eat for a couple of hours!!! :) as usual Charles' white elephant present was the most popular.... I wish I had remembered to take a picture of it!! :) oh well next year! Me and Karyn
Karyn and Joe
Me and Marcela
The girls!! :) until next year!